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June 21, 2005

this is worth a post

have you noticed that when car wipers wipe wind screens, they COMPLETELY miss the bottom-middle portion of the windscreen? and then it leaves a small wet patch of rainwater? its kinda annoying...

SO,isaku decided that he wants to have his room made-over, so i guess i'm his personal interior designer? YAY!!! expecting frequent visits to ikea now (must resist the itch to visit my aunt's wonderful everything-is-free-for-my-niece fashion boutique across the road).
hmmm but don't know where he's gonna get the 'sweet moolah' considering the fact that he hasn't got the "business call" (yes, those calls he's been getting a lot lately) from DIMENSION (rah! rah! rah!). some weird company who trains potential managers and assistant managers for their retail outlets or whatever... and their office smelled so bad. auuugh. SO BAD! i could've stuck my nose into my dad's moccassin for nose-relief. and then the bus ride on our way to orchard had to smell like fart...

needless to say, i still had a good day! (gah that rhymed) looking at furnitures at ikea can be pretty therapeutic and very fun, at least for me. yes! first visit there today! ho hohooo and they sell milk tea for 80 cents! i've never felt so unripped-off ever! *beams* oh and i'm wanting a new quilt-cover i spotted. so nice.

things we (me ruth brother) wanted to do but failed to do during these past 2 days:
-go to island creamery and have ice cream/mudpie for breakfast (in our pyjamas; hobo day II. heh heh heh.)
-or go to ben and jerry's!
-go for night swim in my neglected swimming pool
-watch that 70's show on DVD
-order pizza
-hang out with pete

oh well. life goes on hee hee!
hmmm i wonder how nathan's doing in alaska...

well, time to sleep soooooooooo

aaaah, i looooooove starbucks to bits


June 20, 2005

razzles: they are both candy and gum ;)

Image hosted by

Father's Day: we had lots of gooood roti prata and cockles. cockles are sooooo sooooo good even though you always end up consuming mud along with them.

Image hosted by
Isaku attempting to do the Napoleon Dynamite Face.

anyway, i just watched 13 going on 30 with ruth and isaku. such a nice happy-fluffy movie!
yes we've basically been bumming around but we're gonna be going out soon! so at least. (and we went to the gym too. ha!)

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oh i forgot to add in my last last post (i don't know how i possibly would've forgotten......) that i was able to achieve something i never thought i would achieve in life: F.O.C. (another one of my dad's weird abbreviatons) shopping :D
my aunt owns this fashion boutique at anchorpoint, and my mom and i went on the eve of father's day and who would've thought, she told me to "choose anything you want and take it!"

OH THE JOY!!!!!!!!!

so i picked 4 stuff and gave her a nice big hug and happily went home.

| thank you, chuck norris.

i just watched dodgeball with ruth and isaku.

crotch inflators are sooooooooo unflattering *gag*


June 19, 2005

groshery sopping (quote Brother) is SOOOOOO FUN!

hahahahahahahahaha i'm going hysterical! ruth is behind me trying to teach isaku how to play some clappy baking game "pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man! bake me a cake as fast as you can!"

soooooooooooooooo it occured to me today (and i'm so ashamed that it took me 16 freaking years to figure this out since i've lived in the same condominium all my life) that i live near the zoo. I LIVE NEAR THE ZOO!!!!!

zoo=ben and jerry's.
living near the zoo=can go eat ben and jerry's more often.
can go eat ben and jerry's more often=AWESOME!

if not for going to the library at woodlands (and taking that stupid bus 178 which took aaaages to take us to causeway point...), i wouldn't have figured this out so i'm glad :D and i got to borrow 4 books so i am happy. oh happy day indeed- minus that disgusting foamy "ice-blended" (it had no ice) irish cream coffee i had at the library. complete rip-off : (

it also occurred to me today there is one very prominent characteristic i share with my twin brother (other than our gullibility): our blondeness at heart.

on the bus
isaku: hey ruth, when's your birthday again?
ruth: november 15th!
isaku: oh okay cool. (turns to me)
(and he wasn't even being sarcastic or funny. aaahhh.)

still on the bus (but about 3 minutes later)
isaku: do cupids really exist? *does bow and arrow hand movement*

gaaaahhhhhh is believing in cupids worse than believing in santa clause? i don't know. i don't know!
but i still love my brother!

How the term "Duh" came about.
Towards the end of the 19th century, a Frenchman named Jacques de Loubenaire began to be recognized as a rather stupid person. He would always state the obvious, thinking that his friends were not aware of whatever it was he mentioned. They then coined the term "a de Loubenaire moment", and the popularity of that phrase spread to England by word of mouth (always the "most reliable"). When it finally got to America, the people began to colloquially use that and shortened it to "Duh!", according to the pronunciation of Jacque's last name. "Duh" began, thanks to Jacques and those lazy Americans.

"like, go fig!"- ruth

i keep getting disturbing messages from pete's phone...
"i am a sexy bear"
"boku wa kimi no oshiri ga daisuki desu. totemo kawaii ne!"
okay, time to eat!



June 18, 2005

safen up you people! SAFEN UP!

shockingly the same person (i mean, did they inject botox into his lips or something???)- left: jon heder and right: jon heder as napoleon dynamite. i knew he wouldn't be THAT bad looking in real life!
anyway, day's not over yet even though i wished it was cuz its already been so hectic! ended up talking to ruth til really really late last night (3:30am) and then had to wake up EEEAAARRLY this morning (7:00am) to go to the beach for victoria's birthday party. so, all together, we only had 3 and a half hours of sleep- which could be considered more of a nap then proper sleep : (
but looking back on our conversation, it was a pretty fun talk; worth the lack of sleep. ruth, being my best friend who's known me all my life, tried to count the um countless amounts of crushes i had all throughout elementary through high school. and that always result in lots of laughter and maybe some gigglezzz. and then it came to my realization that my first "boyfriend" (you know, one of those.) i ever had was when i was 7 or 8 i think? with some english dude called paul moffatt who was a year younger than me and we used to play BARBIES together. and then the second one was at my primary school (fairfield methodist) with this dorky guy sitting next to me. we just played with erasers and stuff. hahaha anyway, enough about that; it just gets more embarassing.
and i strongly believe that girly talks should never be posted on a blog in depth. nevaaah!
we also spent over an hour before that being consumed by online quizzes on quizilla and which OC character are you? (there were three different types and i took all three and got different answers. says a lot about the reliability of these quizzes.... *mumble mumble* so i got mischa and then mischa's ex-boyfriend. ewww. can't remember his name. and can't remember the other result either. hahaha) which teenage stereotype would you fall under? which asian teenage stereotype would you fall under? -(this one was hilarious), which napoleon dynamite character are you?- (the first time i took it a long time i ago, i got trisha! what happened! oh well, debs is nicer.) what is your future career? who is your celeb fashion inspiration? -(lindsay lohan. ha ha ha! far from it.) are you a hippie? and lots more. twas a lot of fun i must sadly admit :D
soooooooooo, victoria's birthday party at the beach was cool. all the little kiddies were so so cute! and i love the beach. so annoying cos i didn't bring my camera. missed a ton of kodak moments *sniff* oh well. watching shockingly skinny malay guys try to skimboard (?) on those pathetic waves was quite entertaining; i think they had some competition going on hahaha fun! i wouldn't mind trying that one day even though the thrill only lasts approximately 5 seconds. but guess what! there's a whole trick to this guys!!! you do it over and over and over and over and over; so, the thrill ends up lasting a lot longer! ha!!!

(stating the obvious is sooooooo fun.)

aaah must go to aunt's house later for father's day potluck thingy! grrrr.

my dad drove by school today on our way to sarah's house and that made me miss schooooool hahahahaha i'm such a freeeeaaaak. and Jesus loves meeeee. la la la. la.

ruth's mom offered to let me use her old handphone so i'm not handphone-less anymore! whoopeeee. its some weird motorola peanut phone- quite cute but will never beat nokia. i MUST NOT lose it! MUST NOT!!! if i do, i probably deserve to be exiled into some tiny unknown island where technology doesn't exist... (my iPod would probably be the ONLY exception. heh heh....heh.)

love from my lovingly lovin' oven,
*henStep decided to take dyslexia (or more like pseudo-dyslexia) into a whole new level. oh the THRILL!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

p.s. dang it. i never meant for this post to be THIS LONG! ugh, i must start refraining myself from unnecessary contact with the keyboard.


June 17, 2005

ligers have super powers

more KL pictures here! (jeanne's yahoo photo gallery)
today i FINALLY got to watch NAPOLEON DYNAMITE!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaahhahahahah it was so funny :D i loved it so much even though it had no plot. (and sorta wished i had a friend like napoleon. but it'd be kinda freaky if a person like him really existed...hmmm).

You are Deb and you could drink whole milk if you

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

today was also a GOOD-FOOD DAY! breakfast was okay i guess but lunch and dinner was extremely yummy in the tummy. especially since i didn't pay a single cent for lunch thanks to ruth's dad! we had fish head curry at clarke quay. ruth's dad was such a hero *superhero muzak* he saved me from my near-death experience cuz i thought i was gonna pass out or die from starvation.... (so sad)
for dinner, me and ruth walked to the beach where we got to eat at some kebab place. and what a small world! i met my ex-colleague (ugh, sounds so weird. i sound so old), zhaf, from buttercup which was interesting. didn't expect him to be working THERE so 'twas a pleasant surprise. good old zhaf; i remember all our random conversations we had about doraemon, or the versatality (is that a word?) of trash cans and toilet paper (with visual aid thanks to my first ever camera phone! how i miss it.); secretly making gross frozen spaghetti for lunch when the manager wasn't around; or taking more stupid pictures. fun fun.
anyway, since buttercup's non-existent now, i will hopefully succeed in conquering starbucks!
well, i shall go now.
bye bye!

"gosh, why do you have to be such a friggin' idiot!"


June 16, 2005

1000++ kodak moments

its been a while since i've used zorpia.
anyway, photo's are up!

KL 2005


| joshua simplicio rodriguez.

this was the night before we left for KL, and the last night me and ruth spent with JOSH!
he had an unusually shiny (pink) zit as big as enrique iglesias's mole which was hilarious. he was as ashamed of it as enrique is ashamed of his mole (you know how he hides the left side of his face on cd covers? he's clearly not proud of The Mole) - did that sentence make sense grammatically? i hope so.
Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by
hiding The Zit.
so, a late farewell to josh! goodbye to you!

| verbal diarrhoea

hello hello hello.
i am BACK from KL!!!
oh i've missed singapore so much.
i don't know if any of you noticed but i've woken up from my blonde "moment" which lasted 6 days because in my previous post, i stupidly stated that i will be away for 5 days when if you actually counted properly, 10th through 15th meant SIX days. oops, but oh well!
i am currently putting up KL pictures on zorpia. as i said before, pictures do speak more than a thousand words. i am feeling too lazy to type a longwinded post about the events that occurred during the 6 days of neglecting my blog. its 3:35pm and i'm still in my pyjamas drinking a mug of hazelnut coffee. speaking of coffee, i should be looking for a job at starbucks soon.
anyway, back to KL.
lets talk about shopping first. shopping wasn't as great as i hoped it would be because it was on the last day that i finally found a nice shoppping mall (and i only had less than 2 hours to conquer it) while on all the other days, i wasted my time shuffling through huge malls desperately trying to find stores worth entering, which weren't that many, sadly. i've learned that we should never judge a shopping mall by how it looks outside or by its name. for example, if you had a choice to go shop at either berjaya times square or sungei wang, which would you choose? times square of course! BUT! as unlikely (cheapo and cheenah) as it might sound, sungei wang was the exact shopping mall where i got to have the most satisfying shopping experience throughout the whole of my stay in KL (welllll, other than that trip i made to F.O.S- F.O.S. is awesome).
crap, i'm already beginning to be longwinded.
so here's a list of things i bought just in case some of you are dying to know:
-two shirts from F.O.S.
-two mickey mouse shirts
-pair of pyjama pants (pink with white polkadots. its so cute i'm gonna wear them out one day. hobo day II awaits ruth!)
-pair of bedroom slippers
-lots of badges/pins
-wallet from roxy
-DVDs (million dollar baby, napoleon dynamite, and coach carter)
-4 packs of really funny-tasting chewing gum. (the packaging looked too cute to resist but i was deceived. ugh.)
i think that's it? i used up every single cent my dad gave me :D last thing i spent on was two slices of chocolate fudge cake. YUM.
let me attempt to summarize 6 days of KL now.

10/06 Friday
my trip began with about 5 hours of bus ride to KL which consisted of sleeping, eating and being entertained by VCDs played on the bus's tv screen.
the first VCD we got to watch was RAMBO III! ha ha ha! we thought that was bad until the old bus attendant with smelly-looking feet inserted some VCD of blue full spandex lady booty shaking along to malay latino pop music. it was extremely disturbing. my heart went out to the little kiddies on the bus whom i'm sure, wondered why that woman seemed soooo deranged. the camera would zoom in onto her butt (which she seemed or was VERY VERY proud of) every 2 minutes. at least me and ruth found it hilarious- because it was. the only decent VCD we got to watch was In Good Company, thanks to MJ who brought it along with him. good old topher grace and dennis quaid! oh and scarlett johansson :D
so after those 5 hours, we reached the hotel. we were very pleased by it- nice hotel room, good food, good service etc. i got to share a room with ruth, jeanne, and rach :D fun fun fun! first night session with ian mckellar was about the church- covenant community and stuff. that was very good.
11/06 Saturday
after breakfast, morning session, and then lunch, we got to go SHOPPING! ..... at times square. oh we were soooo excited, so the disappointment was pretty big. at least there was F.O.S. to redeem us from our disappointment. we walked over to F.O.S where we spent lots of time trying on LOTS of clothes. that was fun.

aaah i give up. making a post on 6 days and elaborating on each day is just too troublesome.
just go visit my lovely and handy ZORPIA!
other than the shopping, i was sooooooooooooooooooooo blessed by russ's and ian's ministry where they preached about the church, faith, God's fatherliness (is that a word?) etc. i'm still feeling a little overwhelmed by everything.
big things that i've learned:
-live a life worthy of the calling you've received from God (i still haven't figured out what my calling is exactly...)
-the fruit of faith is not blessing but obedience. we shouldn't reduce God's power to the amount of faith we have. our faith is like a mustard seed, but it doesn't matter because as long as our focus is on God (and not our puny faith) big things can happen.
-we've come to this kingdom at such a time as THIS. God put us on earth with a specific role, and for a specific reason/purpose during this specific time and we shouldn't waste our life away investing on temporary things of the world but instead, begin to invest on expanding God's kingdom, and just being part of God's kingdom for his will to be done through you.
-(this wasn't part of any of the russ's or ian's sermons but what ruth heard on her ipod-starla's sermon) the difference between christianity and other religons (such as buddhism, islam, hinduism and etc.) is that other religions attempt to seek god, but for our case, God seeks us and chooses us. i never really thought of it that way. and i felt so special cos God chose me :D

very interesting, right now, i'm having a discussion with ino on how to levitate birds. fortunately, i'm very skilled in this area.

do any of you know who marla sokoloff is? me, ruth, rach, and jeanne were playing hangman late at night in our hotel room, and when it came to my turn, i thought haaaaaaaaaaaaard, really hard and finally came up with "marla sokoloff" but NONE of them had any idea who she was!!!! she was in dude where's my car, sugar and spice, AND whatever it takes.

oh well. i won that round of hangman so yay!
other than playing hangman, we got to watch lots of tv in the hotel room. average joe hawaii was the most entertaining i must say. the girl's name was larissa (heh, that's my sexy brazillian name according to the quiz at blogthings ; ) heh heh.)- she was really pretty, but the guys were all really dorky on purpose. so i guess the producer tried to make a shallow reality tv show, not so shallow by getting a beautiful girl to look deeper than only skin deep.
malaysian idol was pretty entertaining too.

the little flaws of malaysia:
-gross toilets (after all the countless trips i've made to malaysia, i still don't get the technique of using a shower hose instead of toilet paper. thank goodness for kleenex!)
-lots of flies
-polluted air
-how my hotel room was located on the smoking floor.
-men making kissy noises and randomly talking to you. poor ruth had some middle-aged man at carrefour say to her "eh, byooteeful ger ah! byooteeeful ger!"
and on the elevator, me and ruth were singing some random song when two men came in and asked us to "sing again! sing again and make us happy!" that was really weird.

the goooooood sides:
-dunkin donuts!
-baskin robbins!
-exchange rate (almost everything becomes so cheap)
-biiiig F.O.S outlets
-cheap famous amos cookies
-coke, sprite, and fanta strawberry drinks in cute bottles
-really good roti prata
-uuh... lots of land?

hmmmm yes yes yes. its 6:02pm and i'm still in my pyajamas! no, i didn't take 3 hours to type this post. i had a huge interval sometime between 4-6pm cuz my mom had to urgently use the computer to fill out some resume. 'tis nice lazing at home finally :D was supposed to watch batman begins with isaku pete and dan but lazing at home sounded nicer to me today. i have no regrets! ha ha ha!
no plans for tomorrow so far. i wanna get cracking on my easel and canvas! and on saturday, me and ruth get to help out aunty juliana with victoria's birthday party! fun fun fun. cake cake cake. food food food. little kids little kids little kids.
okay well, i shall stop here even though i probably have more to say.


June 09, 2005

goldfish revelation

oh i just went to ruth's modblog and was reminded that i am leaving for KL tomorrow morning and will be gone for 5 days! (10-15th june) so no blogging on my beloved blog for 5 days. i'll miss it but KL's gonna be a BLAST! be prepared for long post + lots of pictures.
zai jian!

| you have mustard on your shirt

we did sooooo much yesterday so i won't even think about typing out every single detail. (i was planning to but never mind.) as that cliche quote states... "a picture speaks more than a thousand words..." haha!
so anyway,
escape was sad! (people who went: me, sarah, isaku, josh, jedy, paul, alex, larry, bj, and timothy) sad that you're able to walk around the whole of it in a matter of 5 minutes- that really says it all. hahaha and i couldn't accomplish my goal of breaking my cadbury 9 times in a row record cuz guess what? it was CLOSED!!!! escape has indeed failed me. but to make up for the loss of time and money at escape, i had a very lovely time at fishermen's village with sarah. it was the nicest part of my day. we took a short cab ride there to eat. cab driver was one of those longwinded and loud ones. oh and with lots of arm/hand gestures (quite worrying). "BASAR MEANS BIG! YAH! BASAR HA? IT MEANS BIG!!!" "NEXT TIME YOU CANNOT SAY COSTA SANDS. MUST ALSO SAY LORAYANG OR ELSE DON'T KNOW IF YOU TALKING ABOUT EAST COAST OR ALOHA RESORT. MUST SAY LORAYANG. SPELL L-O-R-Y-N-G! OKAY? MUST SAY LORAYANG!" and it was funny how he didn't even spell "lorayang" right. (i can't even remember if it was "lorayang" myself. whatever it was...) oh well, he got us to our destination :D
Image hosted by
so, at fishermen's village, i had really spicy stingray with rice which was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO UNBELIEVABLY GOOOD. i haven't had such good food in ages it almost brought me to tears (not really)- but it was that good. also had ice cream soda booze (with my mom's consent of course) and that was nice. i'm not a rebel! arrr! anyway. i liked how the whole string of restaurants overlooked the beach. so so nice. i'm gonna have to go back there again.
Image hosted by
so, back to escape. other than the "awesome" (heh heh my sarcasm in full force once again) rides,
we also had a ginormous stick of cotton candy. oh it was filled with promises of yumminess and melt-in-mouthness but it was only just a delusion. it was the most disgusting cotton candy i've ever tasted and i paid 3 bucks for it. never in my life do i plan to buy stick cotton candies in singapore again. maybe i can blame it on the humid weather (and this time, not out of convenience, but because it WAS probably the weather's fault).
Image hosted by Image hosted by
and the chalet... it was... a chalet. when we got there, the guys were up on the roof, so me and sarah waited for them to come down, and decided to climb up too.
Image hosted by
if only the stars were out, then we'd actually have something to see but too bad. no stars. just an unpleasant view of the chalet opposite us filled with malay guys; one of them who was attempting to belly/dirty dance to malay pop music. sooooo disturbing.
Image hosted by
why do guys always have to look so "cool" in pictures? alex could pass off as some taiwanese mafia right there *shudder* anyway, that's us and our chalet! it kept us alive and warm throughout the night.
so that was a really summarized version of yesterday i guess. hahahaha (sorry zhi jiang, was really too lazy to type out all the details hahaha dui bu qi!!!!!!!!!)


June 08, 2005

fun in singapore

oh bugger. why does pasir ris have to be so so far?
i'm at sarah's house now waiting for her to get ready and we will be going to escape! hahahaha its been a while. i shall break my cadbury ride 9 times in a row record and aim for 20! OH YEAAAAAAH.
miss you nathan!

over and out.


June 07, 2005

welcome, welcome mr. couch

wow third post of the day. this is what the summer does to you.
anyway, i've finally finished cleaning and rearranging my room and i smell SO BAD (in my pyjamas)! yay!!!!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

yes, as you all can see, there is a new feature i've installed in my orange room: a COUCH! who needs a squarish cold looking metal desk anyway? heh heh heh.

oh my, i look like i have a glowing towel hanging on my wall towards the left side of my bed.
and don't worry about that colorful creature outside my window; its just an ant float that cost 50 cents.
(hey nathan! try and spot the CHUNKY MONKEY and NFFCs!!! hahahaha! good luck.)

well, i'm glad i've had a very productive day, even though i haven't stepped outside my house at all. maybe i'll convince my mom to take me grocery shopping later. that would be fantastic.

p.s. its so weird; now, i bet even strangers know what my room looks like. such a great privilege i must say.

| i can't wait till christmas

i've been cleaning or clearing crap out of my room since this morning and i found too many remnants of my past mostly covered in dust (my own dead skin cells!). this is one of them:
Image hosted by
hahahaha good old austin.
so now i'm taking a break. i haven't eaten anything all day (except that toblerone bar); not good, not gooooooooot. oh yay my mudderrrr's home! mother home=FOOD!
another remnant of my past: some short story. so i guess this could count as meg's short story #3! even though this "short" story's uber long compared to the other two i've posted previously. heh heh heh. wadevaaaazz!
clickety click click click.
Shortchange Scam (including meg's old short stories.)
okay must go back to clean oooooberly goooooberly messy room! rawr!

| arrrrr!

Your Sexy Brazilian Name Is

Larissa Oliveira

Your Mexican Name Is...

Doña Patricia

| endorphins in the morning

i woke up with ren and stimpy's "i'm gonna be a monkey" song in my head.
i'm gonna be a monkey, a monkey, monkey, monkey!
i'm gonna be a monkey, a monkey, monkey, monkey!
i'm gonna be a monkey, a monkey, monkey, monkey!
would you like to be one too?
they swing by their tails with the greatest of ease......
and i'm eating a toblerone bar for breakfast- this is not good!


June 06, 2005

do i look like steak to you?

i think i grew taller dang it. i am desperately wanting to grow sideways instead. oh well!
so, summer has finally come! hohoho. only 4 days of the summer has gone by and i've already been so busy. i shall take that as a good sign :D need to plan a goodbye partay for sarah and maybe josh (hahaha "maybe"), go to singapore's sad little theme park in pasir ris, watch some musical thingy or show or whatever (i don't even know) at the victoria concert hall, pack for KL, rearrange furnitures in my room and get rid of my desk, and look for a JOB!!!
since i haven't posted for awhile...
highlights of my weekend:
got ansell chee-POHT-lay sauce. too bad no southwest : ( it was my defeat: i always thought it was chee-poh-tle sauce! grrrr.
literally went galavanting around orchard with ruth and timothy! hahahaha we were so so so LOUD. dancing/skipping around the field behind borders, racing timothy up the down escalator at lido (i lost), reenacting the sound of music at the bus stop: "i am 16 going on 17!" teehee! watching mighty ducks and almost losing my voice from cheering for the ducks when its sooo obvious they're gonna win anyway. "you CAKE-EATER! *evil laughter*" "gordon, if you miss that goal, you're not only letting me down, but you're letting your whole team down." aaaahahahaha, sooooooooooo much fun.
oh and i even won free calvin klein crave flip flops! hahahahaha there was some calvin klein summer fragrance road show in front of heeren and timothy and ruth pushed me to enter some small competition along with some other middle-aged women and some malay boys, so i did. i just had to name one calvin klein fragrance to enter so that part was easy since ruth shouted "ETERNITY MEG! ETERNITY!" thanks ruth. the game seemed very easy but was oh so tricky. we had to stand side by side and the guy would say a number and we would have to take turns reciting the number that followed except when it came to a multiple of 7 or any number with the number 7- that was when we had to say "calvin klein." we went all the way up to 35 and i was thinking "ha! next multiple of 7 is 42 so i'll just have to recite the other numbers. so easy! teehee!" but i was sooooooooo wrong. i ended up saying "37" instead of "calvin klein." oooh i hang my head in shame. so instead of winning some ugly gray calvin klein bag, i got pretty black flip flops. joy!
after all that galavanting, me and ruth journeyed to nathan's house to help him pack! hahahaaha we weren't of much help actually. ruth just sat at nathan's desk eating up all his frosties while she watched the student council film thingsies, and i just sat around and treasured the last few moments i could have with him before he left for california. oh california, i shall visit you someday. the beaches are bee-yoo-tee-ful to meeeee.
and then and then and then and then and then and thena dnagnadghareajdgn.........
oh right, me and ruth met joshie today to watch MADAGASCAR! i loved the evil penguins. i am seriously thinking of getting a pet penguin sometime. they are too adorable.
Image hosted by
i am a HIPPO! ruth is the sinister giraffe. josh is the king of the jungle ho ho ho. such a cool picture :D
yoshinoya plays horrible j-pop music. josh tried to convince ruth to work with the singapore government to ban the exposure of j-pop in any public places. i don't think it worked.
gaaaaaahhhh. nathannathannathan oh how i miss nathan.
Image hosted by
my heart will go on! hahahaha gross.


June 02, 2005

stinky hobos

hello again!
i have no idea what i'm doing at a lan shop on a school night but here i am, sitting at one, while everyone else is playing warcraft.
man, i had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN at the ceramic's fire thingy (i don't know what to call it) so much fnu fun funf nufufnufnfunfunfunfunufnausdfnuifn! it was me, sarah, isaku, josh, ariel, ivan, alex, david, brian, bobo, yasunori... and yeah, i think that was it.
sooooo we just chilled around the fire at first.... oh oops, "chilled around the fire" haha that was unintentional. anyway, mr. moore took out some percussion instruments and we "jammed" and sang all these praise songs around the fire which was really nice. i just sat at the swings and sang along. one part, we even held hands around the fire and sang kumbaya- forgot whose idea that was. it was hilarious (and so cheesy.)
ah, i'm too lazy to elaborate on every single thing we did cuz we did so much so here's a little list! hahaha
-ate LOTS of s'mores! so so so gooooooooood.
-got to ride on brian's flashy yellow and blue motorbike. scaaaaa-aa-aaa-aary. but fun!
-had a reflective moment where we wrote stuff that we regret doing or we did wrong throughout this year on a piece of paper and threw into the hot hot flames. that felt good. except mine kept flying away from the fire and i'd die from embarassment if anyone read it so thank God it eventually got burnt up.
-played hide and seek! this was the best and funnest part. i probably stink so bad now from running so much and hiding in the weirdest places around school. hide and seek is such an awesome game.
i'm gonna miss mr. moore, sarah, and josh so so so so soooooo much.

i saw the skinniest pigeon today outside heeren. i felt so sorry for it. and speaknig of pigeons, they are fun to chase. cuz unlike other birds, they let you go really really near them while they attempt to hop away... and then they will SUDDENLY flutter off and that kinda freaks you out for a second. cheap thrill indeed.
ugh, so sleepy. tomorrow's last day of school! i don't even know how i'm supposed to feel about it hahaha well, that's all i have to say so goodnight!

| ugh, my foot's fallen asleep.

today seemed like SUCH a long day even though school ended around 10:00am for me. how absurd. so after school, me, sarah, and kiyoko went over to sarah's to swim and get a tan (i didn't really succeed in getting a tan, sadly) which was relaxing. and i shall rejoice because...
anyway, a bunch of us-15 of us- (initially, the plan was to watch madagascar with me, ruth and josh hahaha) went to watch hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. the only clear plot evident in the movie, at least for me, was how arthur wanted to get trisha back and go to madagascar (ha! madagascar...). a little touch of chick flick-ness i see. well, it was one of the weirdest movies i've ever seen, but i kinda liked it :D hahaha
i'm staaaaaaaaaarving right now, so i'm gonna go eat and then go join the ceramics class for their fire thingy. fun! s'mores! yummy! yay!
p.s. free dress tomorrow!


June 01, 2005


just came home from prayer meeting, which was so so so very hen zui hao very good.
two more days of school and its the summer! yay! hahahaha okay ruth just called and she says "greetings."
math exam was so so so sooooooo hard today. at least for me it was. but to make up for the hardness of the math exam, bible exam was reeeeaalllly easy :D so after spending less than 20 minutes on it, me and josh decided to play the oh so infamous game of HANGMAN!!! hahahaha it started out just with the both of us but as the game got more intense (and as more people got done with their test) as lame as this might sound, we decided to play a game of boys against girls. me, sarah, kiyoko, and liz against josh, larry, ivan, stephen and alex. josh wrote out a score sheet with "boyz rule" and "girlz drool" on, of aaalll places, his research paper envelope. and so the game began. the category was "celebrities" and i have nooooo idea where the guys (or more like stephen) came up with the names but they came up with some really, really hilariously random um "celebrity" names such as DMX and xzibibt, and mr. t. hahahaha my gosh, those aren't even real names. at least me, liz, kiyoko, and sarah came up with more practical names like "denzel washington," "mary kate olson," or "gisele bundchen." but twas so much fun! (even though girls lost, obviously. i mean, who would've thought of DMX? it freaking stands for death man x.) the last name they came up with was supposedly some famous european chef living in america called "alnyid schevchenko"? ugh, i can't even remember what he's called. never mind.
anyway! after school, just hung out in the art room for awhile which was pretty fun. fun is fun is fun is fun. is fun.
went to orchard after that and me and sarah found the awesomest goodbye present for mr. hotchkiss! it is the cutest thing. we paid $12.90 for it and guess where we got it from? a toy store in taka. heheheheh who would've thought. its a little handmade music box; one of those you have to wind to play music. and we found one that plays "imagine" by john lennon. yes, THAT song. the one that goes "imagine aalll the people....." hmm i think only the people from the 10th grade's gonna know the significance of that song in mr. hotchkiss's class though. i hope he likes it : )

at sarah's house:
sarah kinda overestimated her sweater size and underestimated isaku's body size. the result was a potential calvin klein model. look! he's even got that "trail" thing going on under his belly button! hahaha (well, you can't really see it... but its there).

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

hahahahahaha gross! sorry about that.

anyway, have a goodnight everyone!


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