The muzak: Sleep All Day - Jason Mraz

July 30, 2005

i love pop art

| i wish birds would sit on my head.

pat turned 19 yesterday!
happy birthday bubble tea!
love you lots and i'm sorry i didn't go for the picnic. hope you had fun!
work last night was incredibly hectic. groups of people after groups of people were coming to invade haagen daz. my toe was hurting cos my sock had a hole. i was the host so that meant i also became a victim of second hand smoke (or smoking. whichever way...)
oooh and there was this short while where i had to carry like 10 or more balloons in one hand and await some birthday girl (supposedly petite, and carrying 20 other balloons) and wish her happy belated birthday. i must've looked pretty stupid carrying that many balloons in one hand and trying to serve a bunch of customers at the same time. they were helium balloons though!!! if only they were all for me. hahaha just kidding.
anyway, the girl finally appeared with her boyfriend after about 10 minutes, so that was cool. cool that i got to play a small part in making her birthday awesome. she has some very awesome friends :D awesome awesome awesome!
oh phone call! probably ruth! YESSSSS.


July 29, 2005


hey, first day of work yesterday went really well. the only mistake i made was probably placing the haagen daz napkin upside down on the table. my colleagues are really nice, and fun so that helps A LOT. but standing around for 5 hours was really tiring (even though i could shop for 5 hours straight. maybe.) so i bought myself a belgian chocolate cone once i got off work :D it really stinks- the fact that you see ice cream all around you but you can't eat any of it while you're working! gahhgjaksdh!
i've been having a hard time waking up at 12:00pm these days. how on earth am i gonna wake up for schoooooool?

goooood ice cream.


July 28, 2005


i finally finally fiiiiinally got myself to go to the gym just now. finally!
sooo i went to the gym and i happily hopped onto the treadmill and began walking. and then running. everything was going really well until after 10 minutes and i thought i was gonna DIE. i looked over to my right and saw some lady in her 40s running too. the red numbers "25:18" flashing from her treadmill made me feel ashamed for being so unfit. but who cares, its a start :D i'll go again tomorrow.
ruth is coming back this saturday! boo yah! i can't wait. and she's gonna come back with a copy of copeland's old album (which includes coffee). YES! sooo hopefully stephen finds their latest album, and my sad little cd collection will be looking fabulous.
last night, i ended up watching "i want a famous face" on mtv. the episode was about a girl named audrey who wanted bigger boobs, forehead with no wrinkles, and glowing skin to look more like jessica simpson. i had noooooooooooo idea they inserted breast implants through your belly button with a long metal stick! it was disgusting!!! i thought i was gonna puke my dinner all over the couch cuz it was worse than csi.
anyway, first day of work today! i look funny in my uniform but it doesn't matter.
prayer meeting was very good yesterday. as always. me and victoria doodled all over the white board. we drew a tree house, birds, clouds, grass, people, birthday party with lots of balloons, a dog, a flying bumble bee cat (she made it up), and more houses. will miss her sooo much when she moves to japan.
that's all for now so have a good day everyone *wink* hahahaha


July 26, 2005

life is good.

still listening to coffee. hahahaha love it sooooooo much. i just went for a swim and realised, hey! exercise really does give you endorphins and endorphins make you happy. and that realisation made me wanna watch legally blonde again. so i searched the house but very sadly, found noooo trace of it. *sulk* so now the whole dining table is covered with dusty, untouched heaps of pirated vcds my dad used to buy from malaysia. makes me feel like a criminal's daughter...
naaah, i'm just kidding.
oh yeah, it was hilarious, a few weeks ago, every resident of my condominium received a letter saying that the board of this estate (or whatever you call those people) have decided to transform the function room into a 'movie room' by installing a dvd player, couches etc. i thought it was a pretty good idea until........ until i scanned the last bit which finally stated the movie they were gonna show:

kong fu hassle.


oh my gosh, hahaha i laughed sooooooo hard.
i looked out my window that friday night and actually saw people go though. oooooh well.

ruth comes back on saturday! i think. well, she comes back SOON! haha can't wait! :D

anyway, time for bed so goodnight and sweet dreams.

おやすみ :)

| let me say it again :D

copeland's coffee is such a great song!!!!!!
that's pretty much all i wanted to say before i went to bed.

oh and happy belated sweet sixteen to anna! hope you had an awesome one.

i remember my sweet sixteen. i went to JB to paint a house/church. hahahaha it was fun.

well, goodnight!

p.s. it turns out i still stink at watching tv. i completely forgot about america's next top model until the last 5 minutes of it. aauuuuuugh : (

Coffee- Copeland
There's plenty of time left tonight
I promised I'd have you home before daylight
We do the best we can in a small town
Act like big city kids when the sun goes down

If it's not too late for coffee
I'll be at your place in ten
We'll hit that all night diner
And then we'll see

There's so many things I have to say
I'll stay up all night to hear about your day
We do the best we can in a small town
Act like kids in love when the sun goes down

If it's not too late for coffee
I'll be at your place in ten
We'll hit that all night diner
And then we'll see

There's a love that transcends
All that we've known of ourselves
And I'll wait for it to come
I'll wait for it to come
Well it's got to be strong to touch my heart
Through its shell
And I'll wait for it to come
I'll wait for it to come

If it's not too late for coffee
I'll be at your place in ten
We'll hit that all night diner
And then we'll see

There's a love that transcends
All that we've known of ourselves
And I'll wait for it to come
I'll wait for it to come
Well it's got to be strong to touch my heart
Through its shell
And I'll wait for it to come
I'll wait for it to come down


July 25, 2005

if its not too late for coffee, i'll be at your place at 10

i put up copeland's links on my side bar. go to purevolume and listen to "coffee." good song!

kudos to ruth for 'introducing' me to copeland. and knowing so much about music. i miss you so much! why won't you reply to my email? *sniff*

| jotter

hellyooooooooooo my darlings (ooh that sounded very ms. vogt-ish)
i've noticed that ever since i deprived myself from the internet for a month, i've been getting less visitors at my blog : ( keep visiting people!
anyway, thanks to abby chan i've started messing with myspace again hahaha its cool.
so, what are my plans for today? probably hang out with my mom! fun :D ikea's having a sale so we will probably go check it out cuz i looooove furnitures. i need to get a new lamp to put next to my bed, and maybe a coffee table...
hmmm. don't know whats wrong with my dog but he's decided to be a rebel by breaking the house rules. he's roaming around the whole house! (i know its sad and a little cruel but my dog's confined to the laundry area, which is the balcony, due to his body odor)

ah, stephen replied saying that copeland's quite underground so he might not be able to find their cd. this is sad.
oh well, i know i will DEFINITELY grab hold of their cd one day. yes!

bye bye!

p.s. watch out for the launch of SRC feat. meg! (me and ed's awesome plan...) *mwahahaha!*


July 24, 2005

"where's my sundae? i want my carbs!"

i've decided i like fall out boy. i have to admit it, i do like pop punk. i do i do i do. so i've just downloaded 4 of their songs off of purevolume. heh heh, legal downloading! BUT. the thing is, my computer won't let me update my iPod! i don't know whats wrong; the iPod icon won't appear when its plugged in. on top of that, the screen kinda freezes too. and on top of that top, my iPod is brand new!
oh wellllllll.
i'll probably get fall out boy's cds. and i asked stephen if he could get me copeland's new album (they are so far the only indie band i like) but i haven't gotten a reply : ( if only singapore brought them in.
anyway, have you guys heard of skype? its soooooo cool! its an internet telephony thingy you can use to have phone conversations with people, through the computer, for FREE. you can IM at the same time too. an awesome way to talk to your friends overseas cuz its FREE! so i've been talking to sarah through skype :D skype skype skype.
you can download the software here.
church was a lot of fun today (ruth we missed you!) i discovered that i tend to sing louder and better when my speaker thingy is off. maybe i will start singing without my speaker. aaaand without the speaker, there wouldn't be any feedbacks! hmmm, i'll have to discuss this with ruth. yes yes. anyway...
after church, i finally got my new pair of glasses! its been awhile. my old dweeby pair is probably around 4 years old. i will look less of a geek at night now even with my retainers- well not like i really cared hahaha (sure meg, sure)
oh yeah, i had such a weird dream last night (again!) me, carol, ansell, and nathan were at a grocery store grocery shopping. me and nathan were at this 3-in-1 instant coffee section and we each grabbed a pack of it and decided to play 3-in-1 instant coffee fight (something like a pillow fight) and suddenly uncle jonathan (victoria's dad) decides to join in. i end up smashing the big bag of instant coffee on nathan's head and it bursts open causing coffee powder to spew everywhere. both nathan and uncle jonathan got reeeeaaaaally mad at me (uncle jonathan was cussing at me!!! i felt so bad!) and my dream ended. how random is that? needless to say, i still had a very nice sleep.

yes! new season of america's next top model starting tomorrow night!
the summer's made me a little bit of a tv junkie (i've been watching a lot of those mtv reality tv shows: my super sweet 16, the ashlee simpson show, meet the barkers, power girls etc. and other stuff) and it has also given me a lovely flip-flop tan. yes, that means that you can actually see a distinct v shape on my foot! its looks odd. oh well.
i shall go find something better to do now. hahaha

the megooomers.


July 23, 2005

"who am i?"

its so ironic because despite singapore banning this incredibly awesome movie (it made fun of the malaysian prime minister), i bet malaysia has tons of pirated copies of it. hmmmm. anyway, this movie is hilaaaaaaaarious, i loved it and i really think ben stiller's the best :D everyone should watch it. everyone!

right, i'm supposed to put up more picturesssssssss. aaaah so lazy. i'll just put up some from the copeland gig at BAYBEATS 2005! that was a looooottt of fun even though it made me and ruth's left ear a little deaf for awhile.

Image hosted by
right before copeland began playing. all those flashes were blinding.

Image hosted by
i turned around and there it was.....
a sea of copeland fans.
and probably the view of those camera guys.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

that's all, my lovelies!


July 22, 2005

picture fesssssssst.

Image hosted by
i grew a lovely moustache while ruth braided my hair.
Image hosted by
the result of 5 hours of my neck and hair-root tormentation and ruth's finger tormentation.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
we randomly spotted a bear at paragon. it was a very friendly bear.

Image hosted by
very smart biker dude with a shower cap on a rainy day.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
the night of "FRIDAY FEVER." oh yeah it was crazy. we had the spiciest pizza at that pom pom pizza place. SOOO SPICY!
later on we watched war of the worlds! it was one of those movies that had to be ruined by its own ending... a few different theories on how those aliens suddenly died. (i hope i'm not ruining the movie for any of you guys.)
ruth's theory: the bird poop killed it.
isaku's theory: the aliens obviously weren't from earth so they didn't have an immune system to fight against the bacteria on earth.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
the 3 of us went ice skating before sarah left. miss you sarah!

more pictures to come.

| "It is done." - George

i'm finally done with my translation! yes!!!!!!

| office space

i'm at work right now but everyone has just vanished cos its supposedly lunch break. i eavesdropped on one of the girls' conversation which was about going to bestway to eat korean food! good on those girls cos the korean food there is really gooood. so right now i'm pondering on where to go for lunch..............
isaku and i will usually venture all the way to orchard to get away from this business district. (and to kill lots of time) cuz its pretty funny how every eating place you go around here, you see packs of tissue paper carefully laid out on the chairs as a sign that the seat is already "taken." those kiasu singaporeans. oh well, i'm a singaporean too :D
last night i had a dream that katie johnson was wearing a weird blown up balloon-ish pez costume (ugh i don't know how to describe it, twas sooo weird!), and me and david loe was out to pop the balloon, but instead she threw a knife (which i threw at her before that, but completely missed) at me, and i got stabbed at the side of my neck. so david loe got really really mad but before he could do anything, my mom woke me up to go to work. thank goodness cuz i can't stand the sight of blood. maybe i need to watch more CSI. like ruth! hahahahaaaaa
anyway, i'm gonna go fill my tummy with some yummy.

| friday fever indeed, jon!

hellooooooooo :D :D :D :D :D
hows everyone?
its been sooooo long since i last blogged!! i missed it hahahaha i kinda deprived myself from the internet for a month and had to fight the temptation to use it every now and then, but i survived. i have to confess, i had to use it a few times for work for the japanese online dictionary, which proved to be absolutely crappy cos it does direct translations instead of um, logical translations. so if a japanese phrase meant something like "reliable passageway," it would appear as "goodness on street." anyway, the lack of internet usage meant that i never had to spend precious time vegging in front of the computer. yay for that.
since this is a blog, i'll just update you guys on my lovely summer. work at that weird shichida (a japanese company) place at springleaf towers has been pretty blah, which is why isaku and i quit. we had to sit at our office for about 5 hours or more in front of the computer (apple compooooterzzzzz) translating documents from japanese to english. while bearing with the radio blaring out chinese pop songs. sadly, most songs can only be considered "chinese versions of....(something else)." they played the chinese version of "we will rock" you at least 3 times a day. the whole trilingual-nessity of that office space drove me a little craaaaaaaaazy. but i loved how i saw apple computers everywhere hahahaha and i loved how they didn't really care if we took really long lunch breaks. so, i took really long lunch breaks.
i'll be starting work at haagen daz next week so hooray! the manager keeps calling me megummy and i always fail to correct his pronounciation but oh well. i will succeed soon.
hmmm i'm not sure if i'm missing school or whatever but i had such a bizzarre dream. i had a dream that mrs beeson was married to donald trump, so donald trump was our principal and he was eating sushi. hahahahahaha freaky.

what else, what else.

ooooooh yesssss, people of singapore. beware of the eyebrow plucking man roaming about the crowded streets of orchard. he carries a sharp, shiny tweezer in one hand, and pictures of two "satisfied customers" in the other. he wears a bright red ribbon type thing around his neck as a make-shift bow tie and talks at the speed of light (both in english and mandarin). thankfully, me and kiyoko were able to get away from his evil schemes of messing with our eyebrows, and then claiming to have had "satisfied customers." he offered to charge $10 per eyebrow. so unibrowers! you guys get HALF-PRICE!!! ; )

ah poo, i have to go to bed. have to wake up early for last day of work tomorrow and finish up my translation work and i'll be free! yay! have a good night everyone.
ooooh by the way, lots of pictures coming up!


hahaha i can't believe this, after finishing my post and posting it up, i realised that i posted it on the WRONG BLOG!!! auuuugh i'm so stooooooooopad hahahaha thats how long its been i guess.


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