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August 15, 2005

sick child

woe is me! where has my voice gone to? a sexy army general from antartica (as liz says) has taken over my body, and although i don't have an adam's apple, i pretty much sound like a man right now.
anyway, i survived my first day of school aaaand survived the torment of trying to get my brain working again. i think i had to re-read the same page of my literature book about 5 times. but hey! i never usually did my reading assignments so go me! i just need to try and fit a study hall into my packed schedule somehow....


August 14, 2005

pin your wings

i probably won't get to see them but vote for them anyway! :D

i found the awesomest interior design/architecture/graphics book store at bras basah today and it was... awesome! ruth, isaku and i spent ages there, and i'm predicting i'm gonna be spending more "ages" (and maybe money) there.

interesting. relient k might be performing on TRL this tuesday. that's pretty weird cuz TRL seems so ghetto and stuff. well, cool!


August 13, 2005

time really flies

oh my gosh! tomorrow's the last day of the summer!
and i just had to fall sick because of the generosity i expressed by sharing my bowl of baked beans with my sick brother. well come to think of it, it's more like "the stupidity i expressed," cuz i should've known. ooooooh well...
i made a trip to POPULAR today and got some school supplies. very essential. i was a little bit bummed that they didn't have black 0.38 uniball signo pens so i had to get 0.28 ones instead. they will do.
so, i'm pretty excited about school! are you? hahaha probably not.
i smell cookies baking in the kitchen so see ya!


August 11, 2005

i love shoes

hey! talking to sarah on skype now! :D she's baking a chocolate cake, and i'm eating a late lunch/early dinner i wish i could have a piece of her cake! oh well. i stayed home today to refurnish my room, and it looks really nice now. cosier than before. I AM LOVIN IT. oh ho ho ho ho.
dang it, skype's messing up on me! i can't hear sarah anymore.... ah, i guess we'll just have to stick with msn messenger.
hahahaha i can't believe this, sarah ruined her cake and she was using a betty crocker cake mix! this is sad! oh well, josh thought cookie mixes were meant to be dumped straight into the oven so....heheheh speaking of josh, i hear he's doing well in case any of you were wondering... except his school sounds pretty messed up with all the weed and stuff. *sigh*
anyway... seems like lots of people are back from overseas :D stephen's back with my COPELAND CD!!!! yes!!!! timothy, anna, liz and val are back as well...yay!
wow, need to go to popular soon before school starts.


August 10, 2005


wow, today was an incredibly looong day.
my day started at 7 am; it was a miracle i was able to wake up that early! its been ages. anyway, i had to get to the beach (east coast) by around 8 am for joy's birthday party. ruth and i had to chaperone while the kiddies rode on their bikes. i rollerbladed :D so, that was fun. we saw two old men fish a pufferfish at the jetty and be cruel to it so my mom ended up throwing it back to the big green ocean to save its life! very cute pufferfish. i couldn't take any pictures cuz i left my camera in my bag, and i didn't bring my bag along with me... dang it! oooooh well. 'tis no biggie.
after that, ruth and i headed on out to town to meet timothy and a bunch of other people at dan ryan's for timothy's birthday lunch (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMOTHY! tis the big one seven!) i wasn't so hungry cuz of gross mcdonaaaard's breakfast so i shared chicken and shrimps with ruth... and took pictures!
Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by Image hosted by

and theeeen, after hanging out for a bit, i had to go meet my momsies and my brother at ikea to help out with choosing stuff- always a lot of fun! furnitures are fun. after walking down a ton of aisles, we found ourselves purchasing about $500+ worth of household items... hahahaha yikes! but yay! we became a "friend" of ikea anyway so free coffee/tea/soft drinks for our family! whoooo!
ummm, i got myself a new quilt cover, pillow cases, two mugs (very cool ones. they are shaped like glass cups except they are in clay form... get it?), round cork coaster thingies to use as a make shift bulletin board cuz i'm sick of using my bulletin board as a bulletin board...and the rest of the stuff for isaku's room makeover. the whole makeover thing's pretty fun but now that isaku has to sleep in my room, my stuffed animal has turned into a weapon used to whack isaku's face whenever he starts snoring. my gosh! he snores so loudly!
anyway, back to the shopping spree. after buying all that, we drove all the way to west coast hoping to find a cheap good european sized queen-sized mattress+devan (not sure about the spelling haha) set, but couldn't, soooo we drove aaaalll the way back to anchorpoint, which is opposite ikea, to get the mattress+devan set. by then, i was starving so i literally jogged up to the restaurant in ikea and got the "today's special" for dinner. yumzors!!!
i'm so tired right now and i wish i didn't have to work tomorrow. but such is life!
goodbye everyone!


August 09, 2005

goodbye blue wall. you were very... blue.

hello there, i am meg and i am isaku's personal interior designer. i decided to paint isaku's room wall WHITE! yes yes. this is because i am wanting to experiment the lovely minimalistic look on his room...

Image hosted by
hehe! that's my name!

Image hosted by
this is ah goon, my very own wall-painter. behind him, is his mother.

Image hosted by
when we move furnitures around, we always find dead things. above is a squished house lizard. ewwwwwwwwwww.

| rots'o'ruck!

i'll just start with an update on my weekend.
friday: i went to see the guys (jon, irvine, and ivan) and their family off at the airport. they were all flying back to syracuse, new york. twas a little sad. no more crappy movie marathons!
saturday: went for worship rehearsal as usual; and then ruth, isaku, and i went to FESTIVAL OF PRAISE! it was the second night of it but the crowd was still MASSIVE. we ended up bumping into people from school (lauren, ino, hannah, sarah, tim, and ansell), so of course, we said hi, then played some uno, then went back to our own line. we got jeanne and her friend to get in line for us early. thanks jeanne!
sunday: we went for festival of praise again. hahaha crowd was still equally massive. 11000++ people! this time, we got julian and nick's friends to get in line for us sooo we got really good seats :D yeah anyway, worship was really really awesooooome. i don't really know how to describe. the preaching was on apostolic faith. twas good. we prayed for the nations too, and for our own nation...
hmm speaking of nations, its singapore's national day today. 40 years! so um yay! go singapore!
monday: ended up missing work cuz i seriously could not wake up. hahahaha shame on me. but later on, ruth and i went out to look for a school bag for me. there were really nice fossil ones but they were crazily expensive so bleaugjkhsd. went upstairs of heeren where all the cheap stuff are and finally found a nice plain brown one for 28 bucks so yay! said goodbye to ruth cuz she had to go and continued shopping with my mom who became my new shopping buddy. ended up buying a pretty expensive nike sweater (shall not state the price here). i couldn't resist. it was reeaally nice! but of course, i will pay my mom back 70% of the price once i get my pay. yes yes i will.

pictures from the airport.
Image hosted by
isaku doing his blue steel look.
from the left: oliver (lives 3 floors below me), ivan, isaku, mark (some student from taiwan), jon, ruth, me, asha.

Image hosted by
jon, ruth and i (and asha's fingers...)

don't really know the plans for today... will probably go to the gym cuz i haven't been for awhile. i wanna get really fit for basketball season! yesssssssssssss.

Image hosted by
a tiny ad i saw on teenvogue hahahahaha oh man, it is sooo sad. the lady's swimsuit says "i (heart) chris."


August 05, 2005


oh my gosh! ballstein in zoolander is ben stiller's real dad and the lady who threw eggs at mugatu is ben stiller's mom!
hahahahaha i had no idea.

| posting chit?

i just got back from work and ate a late lunch. twas pretty cool today cuz i got to make 3 cappucinos and an americano with those cool machine thingies! and i've always wondered why they call those ordering slip thingies "order chits." sounds SOOO weird!
grrrr, my ipod still can't be updated! seems like the port on my computer's messed up and i need to send the entire monitor for servicing or something : ( i will miss my computer.

1. whose picture do you keep in your
some neo prints i took with sarah and kiyoko

2. what time do you go to bed?
around 12, but earlier when there's school

3. what was the last thing you did before filling this survey?
looked at sarah's blog (cuz thats where i got this survey from)

4. who's the one you always meet the most?
other than my family, RUTH! (unless i have school, then it'd be people from my school)

5. who's the person you're gonna call if you need help?
depends on what kind of help

6. what's on your mind right now?
get... off... the... computer....

7. who's number on your speed dials?
every number has a speed dial thingy cuz my phone's weird

8. with whom do you wanna have fun?
everyone!? hahaha fun is fun sooo....yes.

9. what movie do u wanna watch now?
among the movies that are out now, it would be charlie and the chocolate factory

10. when was the last time you went out?
just now

11. what do you hate the most for now?
loooong working hours

12. when was the first time you slept alone?
gosh, weird question. i can't remember!

13. what do you wanna do for now?
be goood.

14. what do you do everyday besides eat and sleep at home?
go on the computer, watch tv, play the guitar, read, talk on the phone, shower etc.

15. what could piss you off?
hypocrites? being judged, having stupid rumors going around about you, perverts. stuff like that.

16. fave pet?
my dog

17. colors that make you happy?
orange and yellow?

18. most fave things in your room?
everything :D i love my room.

19. what was the last thing you bought for your room?
hmmm. an easel, which is right now used as a belt hanger.

20. any instruments in your room?
my guitar and a dusty harmonica

21. do you cook?
no, but i'm gonna learn.

22. miss someone?

23. plan to buy something?
hahaha all the time! i always have a mental shopping list.

24. are you satisfied with your life now?
not really hahaha i probably could get more out of it you like seafood?
yes! "loves it"

26. breakfast or dinner?
both duh

27. what do you usually eat for breakfast?
ummm i don't really know. its always different. but i never eat cereal cuz it doesn't fill me up.

28. did you eat breakfast today?

29. do you recycle?
like paper and cans and stuff? no...

30. do you have a laptop?

31. what's your favorite fast food?
pasta mania!

32. cats or dogs?

33. salty or sweet?
sweet i think

34. city or country?
city. "country" doesnt exist here.

35. what's your favorite kind of jeans?
dark colored denim, low rise, boot cut

36. Is kissing normal for your age?
i guess it is. not really for me though.

37. are you athletic?
less than i used to be

38. do you swear?

39. would you ditch your friends for a date?
no! whatever that was planned first comes first.

40. do you have your own cell phone?
uuuuhhhhh.... sort of! well, i have my own sim card! (i lost my phone)

41. what do you wear to bed?
shirt and shorts

42. ever had a crush on a teacher?

43. coke or pepsi?

44. sugar or spice?
both both both!!!

45. can you use chopsticks?
yes i'm a pro :D

46. do you like to read for pleasure?

47. do you care about getting good grades?

48. have you ever fallen asleep in class?
nope! i don't fall asleep easily.

49. get a job or ask your parents for

50. is your dad strict?
not at all

51. do your parents give you enough
yeah more than enough

| howdy

i have NO LIFE right now.
i've been sooo busy with work and my feet are killing me. got tons of band aids on from the blisters. screw those "cute shoes." they KILL!
but work has been going well. i guess. hahaha well, i kept getting the table numbers wrong today so i felt sooo bad. like, i meant to say "bill for table 15" but said "bill for table 14" without even knowing it. its just so very hectic. gaaaaah. the guys i work with are hilaaaarious though. so at least :D
anyway, enough about work!
i got fall out boy's cd today! ruth let me borrow money so that was extremely nice of her. it cheered up my blah day.
gosh, they have the longest song titles though- Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued.
isaku's friends are over and i'm being chased off the computer cuz they wanna watch some movie- white men can't jump. its been like that practically every night ever since isaku made friends with those boys. nightly movie marathonzzzz! i got to watch like 6 episodes of that 70's show on DVD last night though :D oh man, i loooove that 70's show and i wish they still showed it on starworld! such a shame.
okay well, better be off so bye bye!


August 01, 2005


i bought black flats yesterday for work. they are so cute! so at least i get to wear cute black shoes to work now.
and ruth taught me how to play SPEED SCRABBLE. one fun thing she brought back from australia to teach me. yes, so i'm at ruth's house now. we ended up renting this really teeny boppy movie to watch last night called "sleepover!" hahahaha oh man it was hilarious and so so sooo cheesy.
oooh and we had to say goodbye to cindy in the midst of our speed scrabble game. its gonna be weird not seeing her around ruth's house anymore. will miss her! hmmm what else was i gonna say.
oh ya, it's soooooooo good to have ruth back.
i think thats all.
so, bye!


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