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June 27, 2006

fish scales in the skaahhh

today was a good day! i went shopping with my mom and got new clothes. still in need of some more. somehow, when you intentionally shop, you can't really find the stuff you want. impulsive buys are still THE BEST! but i haven't had the money to make impulsive buys. and i found it odd that zara and top shop weren't on sale when its GSS right now. welllll it turns out they have their sales after the GSS. non-conformists!! sooo after that, i watched cars with my family and jeanne (i was the gooseberry sitting in between my parents, and jeanne+isaku). but it was a GREAT MOVIE! i loved it. i wasn't expecting much cuz i'm not like a biiiig fan of animations but it was really really funny. and of course, my dad was laughing the loudest throughout the whole movie.
and i'm glad i got to spend time with my family too. the last movie i watched with them was the secondhand lions (which was also a great movie). my parent's old church's pastors wife suddenly died a few days ago and it really really hit me that i should never take my friends or family for granted. i mean, that lady wasn't sick or anything. she just suddenly died from a breathing difficulty. anything could happen. so yeah, it was a huge shock for me. i saw her about 2 weeks ago in JB and never would've guessed she'd pass away in 2 weeks. so last weekend i got to think about life and death a lot.
anyways, ruth, nick, rach, and i are preaching this sunday cuz its youth sunday and we're TAKING OVER! hope everything works out well. well, i know it will :) hahaha
the sky's been looking very pretty too. i feel like i must update you guys on the sky cuz no one else seems to really pay attention to it? today was all clear and blue. on MONDAY, it was amaaazing. the clouds were all wispy and it made like a fish scale looking pattern on the sky. well the sky isn't like a ceiling so i can't really use the preposition "on" but it looked like it. a blue ceiling with white fish scale patterns.


June 21, 2006


so, KL was reeaally fun. unlike all of the other times i've been to KL, i didn't buy a single item (food excluded). but we did eat A LOT. italian, japanese, dunkin donuts! baskin robbins, bakerzin (nick and i ordering every dessert tapa thingy- which is kinda like ordering every dessert on the menu but in smaller portions- they had 12 different kinds) chinese, malay etc. the hotel was really nice too. and it would've been perfect if there was a beach.
okay, pictures!

(my white pointy shoes! and ruth's cute little-girl shoes!)
our car ride up to KL seemed like a short one. i don't even know how long it took. and i got to finish my first chick-lit book in AGES which was pretty good - the undomestic goddess.

our lovely room. i liked the interior, the mauve (was it mauve? haha) carpeting and the yellow lighting. very well done.
and the closet was so cute, i decided to actually hang my clothes in it, which i never do.

ruth's toiletries, and mine.

we had italian for dinner on our first night there :) - since the coffee shop was fully booked, which is fine by me. italian was good. we got a bunch of stuff and shared. and that's me and ruth!

ruth's parents, and mine too.

nick and his cutlery art. veeerrryyy impressive.

me and my plate shadow art! i had a dog and my own hand for dinner.

this was what we had for dessert. the first one's tiramisu, and i'm not sure what the second one was called.

the second day:
lunch at the coffee house!

we tore up napkins, and i made a heart. napkin art!
nick's pun (after sticking my napkin heart in cold water): you have a cold heart hahaha!
i thought that was quite funny.

oooh looking very divine.

then... we took a complimentary shuttle bus to 1 utama - a huuuuuge shopping mall in KL. maybe the biggest? and we met skye! we got to know her at the GTT in JB.

there's skye! we ate at nando's cuz she was staaarving.

and then we ate at some chinese place for dinner later on... told you we ate a lot.
and right when i was gonna take a picture of nick and daniel, my camera DIED.
but this was the day we ate at bakerzin. i was telling everyone how i wanted live swans and ducks at my wedding (since skye was trying to get ideas for her sister's wedding) and i guess it sounded quite bizarre nick began conjuring up greater plans for my future wedding. such as releasing the doves after saying "i do" and having carriages... drawn by four miniature ponies on EACH carriage, all of them dressed as unicorns...
i don't know if it was the sugar. i was laughing soooo hard.

the third day (after charging my batteries):
ruth and i woke up just in time to have a quick breakfast and to catch the shuttle bus to midvalley (to meet skye again) but we missed it while waiting for nick and daniel to finish breakfast. but its okay, we made it there by cab :)

skye got a bit bored while ruth went a bit crazy at the cd shop, so she got us to take a picture with this very very kooool graffiti wall.

the 3 of us ate at nando's (i LOVE their peri peri sauce. i practically go there for it, not their chicken.) except we only had about 5 minutes to gobble up our food, and get dunkin donuts (which we successfully sneaked in! hahahaaaaaaa! nick: "put it under your arm pit and stand next to me!") cuz we were catching a movie- R.V. which was pretty good. i have a soft spot for that kind of family movies. especially when steve martin (e.g. cheaper by the dozen 1 and 2, and FATHER OF THE BRIDE!) is in it, but this one had robin williams. it was still really good. oh, jojo was in it too. hahaha

the dunkin' donuts we sneaked in. i can't use flash in the theater so its hard to see but you're looking at donuts!

daniel and i swam when we got back. ruth had to do her ITCC poor ruth.

our view from the bench. well, not quite... since everything other than the sky looks really dark in the picture.

ruth and i thought we were having japanese for dinner but the place was closed! so we had to walk all the way back to the lobby. the lights and stuff were pretty and japanesey so i took some pictures. didn't get it right the first time cuz this lizard appeared out of the little trees while i was setting my camera on timer on one of the lights. aaaaah!

so we ate at the coffee house again. --------- me and ruth with a grape in her mouth.

i had blackened cajun chicken

the desserts weren't that great.

ruth's fruit art!

in the hotel room after dinner. ruth's mom came over to play the chicken word game on the lap top, and i can't remember what ruth was doing (oh right, she was playing with her camera too! haha i just looked at the picture again and figured it out). but i know i was really really sleeeeeepy.

the fourth/last day

part of my breakfast, which i didn't finish. the waffles were already too chewy, and the doughnuts were sooo sweet. but i sneaked one into my bag for the car ride.

lunch at the japanese restaurant
ruth doesn't know i took this. i think she was taking pictures of a fly she was shooing away?

the car ride home. ah! my smile looks fake hahaha
and there's daaaaaniel with his laptop.

the sky usually doesn't look so great in malaysia, but there were bits of the car ride where the sky looked quite pretty.

so that was my non-shopping trip to KL!


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